Get the digital systems to start

E-Consult + Two way messaging module

12 Month Access

RRP £1800
Digital Monitoring Module

12 Month Access

RRP £2400

Clinical Support

Unlimited Case Reviews

RRP £1200

Total: RRP £5400


Internal Reactivation Email Campaign

Setup and Configuration

RRP £1200

5 digital simulations & detailed assembled treatment plans per month for 1 year

RRP £1200

Digital Monitoring Training + Support Monthly Message Templates & Frequent Questions Templates

RRP £1200

Total: RRP £8640

No contract - cancel anytime


Get the insider secrets and training to scale

Impact Positioning

Strategy Session + Workshop

RRP £1500

Digital Communication

Strategy Session
Templates, Tech Advice and Content

RRP £3500

Guided Menus

Strategy Session + Workshop

RRP £1500

Digital Delivery

Strategy Session + Policies + Templates

RRP £3500


Invisible New Patient System Digital Dental Health Module Attract High Value Private Patients Offer Digital Dental Plans

RRP £3000

Followed by 2 x payments of €950

Digital access to dental care for everyone

Our mission is to reduce cost and increase access to oral health globally through technology.

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