Welcome to the future of dental care

All the experts, none of the visits.

Instant Dentist brings the dentist to you.

Comprehensive dental screening analysing 22 risk factors to detect and prevent decay, gum disease, cracks, grinding and other oral conditions.

Got a problem tooth or area like a wisdom tooth, bleeding gums or painful ulcer? Get a report and recommendations on what to do and a prescription where needed.

Got a treatment plan or recommendation from a dentist and want to know other options or to get a second opinion? Get a report and recommendations of the most minimally invasive options and affordable to give you clarity and peace of mind.

Crooked, missing or darkening teeth? Learn the options to improve your smile so you can choose the right solution for you.

All your dental records on your mobile allowing expert health monitoring over time

Securely message a dentist and ask follow up questions

Get digital prescriptions or scan referrals direct to your mobile.

Use your mobile

Get detailed reports and insights into your dental health

Access professional regimes delivered at home to save time and money.

Power teeth whitening

Custom fitted whitening trays and premium teeth whitening gel for a guaranteed whiter smile.

Invisible aligners

Dentist monitored invisible aligners for a fraction of the price through our partner Straight Teeth Direct


Stop your teeth breaking or shortening with a custom fitted night guard