Go Beyond the Clinic

60 Day Program

A step by step program on how to fast track your profits with aligners without spending more time in the clinic or hiring more staff. No strings attached!

    The Go Beyond 60-day Program includes:

    • 9 Module Course with videos, worksheets and templates
    • A dedicated account manager to support you through your progress
    • Access to the platform for virtual orthodontic consultations
    • 2 preloaded consultation reports and template
    • 5 free 3D simulations
    • Pre-loaded treatment plans with consent form with each simulation
    • Help setting up your email system if you don’t have one already

    The Go Beyond the Clinic 60-day Program is designed to help you create the foundation to your highly scalable aligner practice.

    It’s the start of a powerful system that can transform your annual total into your monthly normal.


    Submit your first Virtuoso Aligners case in the next 60 days from a patient within your practice without any additional marketing cost.


    What is Virtuoso Aligners?

    Virtuoso is the name of the patient facing aligner brand and is a solution specially designed to appeal to the rapidly growing number of patients who are considering DTC companies due to the convenience and price advantages.

    It’s specially designed for general dentists and it’s a system that allows them to treat more aligner patients profitably by minimising chair time, as well as expand their practice beyond the clinic and treat more cosmetic cases confidently.

    By using Virtuoso you can launch a whole new teeth straightening business within your practice and attract more patients looking for aligners than before.

    Virtuoso’s breakthrough digital technology refines the patient journey steps while reducing unnecessary frictions such as communication delays & physical appointments.

    Clear and
    appealing to
    more patients

    • Clear, fixed price so patients are certain they can afford it
    • Less friction and better compliance with a continuous hybrid clinic / at home support

    £800/hr+ and £4k
    per patient over
    3 years

    • Engage more patients daily without additional chairt time through digital patient communication (Digital consults, digital screening reports and digital monitoring).

    Set realistic expectations for your patients thanks to visual and detailed treatment plans and get clear results agreements in place.


    Patients become aware of their straightening options


    more treatment plans


    more aligner cases started

    During this process we’ll be tracking these 3 metrics:

    • 1

      Number of digital screenings conducted.

    • 2

      Number of treatment plans presented.

    • 3

      Number of aligner cases started.

    In this 60-day program we will help you identify and implement a scalable system for each of these 5 patient groups inside your practice:

    • Patients attending checkup appointments.
    • Patients attending hygiene appointments.
    • Patients that have received treatment plans for straightening but didn’t go ahead.
    • Email enquiries you received from patients about straightening that never actually booked an appointment
    • Inactive patients that haven’t been into the practice in a while.



    Module 1

    Set the foundation

    Intention setting + clinic health check

    Module 2

    Consultations beyond the clinic

    Introduction to digital screening + platform demo

    Module 3

    Internal activation

    Email and SMS campaign + intro to email automation

    Module 4

    Treatment planning like a pro

    How to present it and upsell more procedures

    Module 5

    Internal patient screening

    Checkup + hygiene

    Module 6

    Digital monitoring masterclass

    Tools and communication

    Module 7

    Digital awareness

    Patient awareness beyond the clinic

    Module 8

    Get noticed locally

    How to set up an open day

    Module 9


    Clinical case studies + 12 month goal setting

    Go Beyond the Clinic

    Get to know us commitment free and submit your first aligner case – commitment free!
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